What a convention! This was my first, and I am unbelievably excited and happy to have been able to come. We started the day at the second Women’s Caucus of the convention. We heard from Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and Michelle Obama, along with many other fabulous women legislators and leaders.

Tonight at Invesco Stadium was amazing. We managed to get great seats by virtue of arriving ridiculously early, and it was completely worth it!

I realize it looks empty in the video, but we arrived crazy early (I admit some obsessing over getting a good seat on my part). As the stadium filled up and the program began, the energy and excitement in the stadium increased. So, naturally, that meant the wave:

We heard from Al Gore, Senator Dick Durbin, Vice Presidential Nominee and Senator Joe Biden, Colorado Congresswomen Diana DeGette, and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, to name only a few. And of course, Senator Barack Obama’s speech brought the house down.

As my first – and hopefully not last – convention comes to a close, I am entering a video posting craze with clips from throughout the convention that I haven’t had time to share yet. Stay tuned to the feministpolitics channel on YouTube for updates!

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