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Understanding the Ballot Measures

Voters in six states, during the midterms general elections, will be able to weigh in directly on a  ballot measure centered around reproductive justice. This is a record-breaking number of ballot measures on abortion, proving once again how important women’s rights are to voters throughout the country. Earlier this year, Kansans voted during their primary […]

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Increased Attacks against Hazaras in Afghanistan; Mostly Girls and Women Killed and

Since the Taliban takeover, Human Rights Watch has documented 16 attacks against Hazaras that have killed and wounded at least 700 people. The September 30th attack on an educational center in a predominantly Hazara neighborhood of Kabul killed 53 and injured more than 110 people, all of whom were recent high school graduates. Girls and […]

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The Mobilization of Young Voters

The Feminist Majority has long understood the importance of organizing on college campuses and has continuously prioritized encouraging young people to become politically engaged. 94 campus organizers were hired at universities throughout six battleground states: Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. The major victories won by feminist candidates coming out of the […]

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Representation Matters

In 1987, the Feminist Majority released a study on gender equality within political office. At the time, women comprised only 4.9% of Congress and 15.6% of state legislatures. Based on the rate of progress, it was concluded that parity with men in Congress would be achieved by the year 2333. Fortunately, there have been some […]

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