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Representation Matters: An Intersectional Analysis of What’s at Stake for Women in Politics in 2020

If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen #RepresentationMatters floating around. The phrase checks all the boxes for social media – it’s trendy, catchy, and well-suited to describe an expansive list of fields and situations.  But what is representation when it comes to politics? Who are our representatives, how do we choose them, […]

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Not All Hope is Lost in Afghanistan

In the 18th year of the United States’ war in Afghanistan, many people are having a hard time keeping up with the conflict and painting a well-rounded picture of the quality of life on the ground and the positive outcomes of US intervention. This is primarily due to the morbid and chaotic picture of Afghanistan […]

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The Fight Continues: Child Marriage Still a Global Issue

At 11 years old Mwaka was given to her neighbor as a child bride in exchange for 2,000 kwacha—about 16 US dollars. Her father needed the money to feed their family and Mwaka was sold off without her knowledge as a child bride to a man who was 65 years old. After six months, Mwaka […]

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