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Afghan Women Negotiators Warn of “State Collapse” Should the US Leave Too Soon

In a hearing held by the Women, Peace, and Security Caucus, Afghan women negotiators emphasized that the United States’ support is critical to the peace process and democracy and that the U.S. “leaving should not result in state collapse and collapse of institutions.” The Afghan women negotiators cautioned that the Afghan peace process requires patience, […]

Feminist Majority

Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Equality PAC Endorse Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

“Feminist Majority and its Feminist Majority Equality PAC are proud to endorse Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia,” said Eleanor Smeal, co-founder and president of the Feminist Majority. “Hala has been a champion for women and families her entire career, especially when it comes to women’s equality and reproductive justice. Her work and advocacy as […]

Feminist Majority

Jennifer Carroll Foy Earns Endorsement from Feminist Majority Equality PAC

“We can’t wait to see her make history this year, and break yet another barrier.” (Woodbridge, VA) –The Feminist Majority, a national organization headquartered in Virginia, that advocates for women’s equality, reproductive health, and non-violence, and its Feminist Majority Equality PAC, are proud to endorse Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor of Virginia. Carrol Foy, who […]

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Representation Matters: An Intersectional Analysis of What’s at Stake for Women in Politics in 2020

If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen #RepresentationMatters floating around. The phrase checks all the boxes for social media – it’s trendy, catchy, and well-suited to describe an expansive list of fields and situations.  But what is representation when it comes to politics? Who are our representatives, how do we choose them, […]

Feminist Majority

Not All Hope is Lost in Afghanistan

In the 18th year of the United States’ war in Afghanistan, many people are having a hard time keeping up with the conflict and painting a well-rounded picture of the quality of life on the ground and the positive outcomes of US intervention. This is primarily due to the morbid and chaotic picture of Afghanistan […]

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Take Action: What Can I Do About the Immigration Crisis?

In light of the Trump administration’s endless crusade of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, it’s easy to feel defeated if we aren’t lawyers, Congresspeople, or activists located near the border. Although this administration makes us feel powerless, it’s important that we, as feminists, mobilize to amplify the work of the undocumented folks and immigrants who have […]