Done for the night, and back at our hotel now. What a great day, though! As you know, we went to Speaker Pelosi’s tea honoring women members of Congress, and then on to the Big Tent, where Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was making the rounds.

In the Pepsi Center, Senator Hillary Clinton called for Obama’s nomination to be approved by acclamation when the role call reached New York.

Later, we heard speeches by President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry, along with Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth and Madeline Albright. Joe Biden’s son, Bo Biden, introduced him before he accepted his nomination for Vice President. Joe Biden’s speech was amazing!

Throughout the speeches, I was struck by how often the speakers touched on women’s issues. Senator Biden’s authoring and championing of the Violence Against Women Act was a central aspect of the evening. I hope this awareness of women’s issues will continue throughout the campaign.

Check out this video we shot inside the Pepsi Center:

So, I’ve noticed that whatever I blog that the plan is for the next day doesn’t usually actually happen. My apologies. So all I’m going to say for tomorrow is second half of the women’s caucus, and then going straight to Invesco field. Hopefully it won’t rain!

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