The women have truly landed at the Capitol and, fortunately, it will never be the same.  I confess to having many “pinch me” moments as I walked with Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal and Political Director Alice Cohan on Capitol Hill yesterday, the opening day of the 113th Congress.  The twenty women sworn in to the US Senate yesterday by Vice President Joe Biden was the highest number in history.  And, lest we forget, the House Democratic Caucus is the most diverse in the history of the Congress. Thank you Leader Pelosi for all of your efforts in helping to elect an amazing new class!

 Attending receptions and even just walking down the halls of the Capitol and the office buildings seeing so many women Senators and House Members was electrifying.   There is nothing to compare with saying “Congratulations Senator Baldwin…Senator Heitkamp…Senator Hirono… Senator Warren…”  And to see Congresswomen Carol Shea Porter and Dina Titus return after losing their seats in the 2010 madness was a bonus.

If all of this wasn’t enough, special friends Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were there to celebrate the newly elected women and had special words for our own Ellie Smeal.

Hope you enjoy our pictures of this historic day and here’s to moving the bar even further with more women in 2014.

Norma Gattsek is the Director of Government Relations at the Feminist Majority.

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