We’ve reached the first hundred days of the Trump administration. It’s important to reflect back on the wins of the resistance. Despite overwhelming odds, people united for justice have made the message clear: We stand together. We won’t go back.

Here are the Top Ten Feminist Victories during Trump’s First 100 Days in Office.

    1. The Global Women’s Marches. On the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, an estimated 5.6 million people in the United States took to the streets in 661 marches, in cities and towns, big and small, in blue, purple and red states, to resist Trump’s agenda and advocate for women’s equality, reproductive rights and healthcare, racial justice, LGBTQ equality, non-violence, economic opportunity and environmental justice. In 92 countries and all 7 continents, feminists marched to oppose Trump’s agenda and show solidarity. The global event was featured in the spring issue of Ms. Magazine.
    2. Stopped the GOP Health Bill and the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act.Thousands of people called their Members of Congress and showed up to town halls, demanding that healthcare be protected, and it worked. Twice Speaker Ryan has pushed for a vote to repeal and replace the ACA and twice he has not been able to summon enough votes.
    3. Stopped the Ban.Thousands of people spontaneously showed up at America’s airports to protest Trump’s travel bans and offer legal assistance to those who were being detained. The President’s inability to proceed with unconstitutional executive actions highlights that the resistance is working.
    4. March 8th Women’s Protests. On International Women’s Day, women across the country participated in the Day Without Women strike, attending protests on everything from abortion rights to labor rights. The Feminist Majority Foundation organized a large march on the White House to demand that Trump end his expanded Global Gag Rule, which denies women around the world access to safe, legal abortion.
    5. Puzder Forced to Withdraw as Labor Secretary Nominee. Labor and women’s rights advocates successfully demanded that Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns fast-food chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr, bow out of the nomination process as outrage grew over his record of wage and hour law violations, domestic abuse allegations, and pridefully objectifying and sexualizing women.
    6. Protests in States Grow. Examples include: the thousands of activists who have stormed the district and DC offices of Members of Congress, as well as the town halls nationwide; a major civil rights march in Jackson, Mississippi that took place this March; a Women’s March on Springfield in Illinois this week; and last weekend’s March for Science that saw huge turnouts across the country.
    7. Equal Rights Amendment Moves Forward. In March, Nevada became the 36th state to ratify the ERA after almost 35 years stalled. Activists in Illinois and North Carolina are pushing for their states to ratify as well. And Maine is currently considering adding an ERA to their state constitution, all signs that the movement to guarantee women’s constitutional equality is picking up steam.
    8. Champions in Congress Introduce Feminist Legislation. Legislation includes: the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act to make insurance coverage for abortion care more available; the Women’s Health Protection Act to prohibit states from imposing medically-unnecessary abortion restrictions; the Protecting Sensitive Locations Act to limit immigration enforcement actions at locations such as hospitals, courthouses and schools; the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act to classify conversion therapy as fraud; the Paycheck Fairness Act to strengthen federal equal pay laws; the Healthy Families Act to enable workers to earn a minimum of seven paid sick days per year; and the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.
    9. Sanctuary Cities Persist. Supporters of undocumented immigrants have rallied around their counties and cities in support of local government’s refusal to assist Trump in his mass deportation agenda. A District Court judge has temporarily blocked Trump’s order to deny federal funding to these localities, and hinted that a permanent block is likely ahead.
    10. Fox Forced to Fire Bill O’Reilly. Feminist and progressive groups pushed over 100 companies to withdraw their advertisements from The O’Reilly Factor following the revelation that multiple women came forward to allege sexual harassment by O’Reilly.


This list is not exhaustive and could be greatly expanded thanks to your committed support and activism. Together we will make a difference.

One comment on “The Top Ten Feminist Victories during Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

  1. Nevada’s ratification (March 22, 2017) of the Equal Rights Amendment is the BEST NEWS OF THE CENTURY for #WomensRights!! Sincere thanks to NV senator Patricia Spearman for steadfast leadership for ERA. Only two more states to go….urging next steps for ERA in AZ, FL, IL, LA, NC, UT & VA.

    Watch Kamala Lopez’s brilliant documentary Equal Means Equal to learn why all US lawmakers must act now to #RatifyERA and support #SJR5 and #HJR53.

    #INeedERA for #EqualRights in USA & so do you → bit.ly/2k0RYch

    Onward for #ERANOW!

    Many thanks,
    Marcy’s Mom

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