Today, millions of people around the world are coming together as part of One Billion Rising to advocate for justice. We rise with them – and we rise today to support victims of war rape who are unable to access comprehensive medical care including abortion, in violation of the Geneva conventions.

Take action with us today and tell President Obama to #LiftTheBan. Then, at 1PM join us online for a Twitter Storm to share the message and get more folks involved in this important action. We’ll be tweeting #LiftTheBan with the Global Justice Center and we hope you will join the conversation!

Women and girls – some as young as 11 years old – are impregnated every day through rape in armed conflict. For many victims of war, resources provided by US humanitarian aid eases their suffering; but for victims of war rape care is limited. Survivors of war rape are denied access to comprehensive medical care that includes the option of abortion, largely because of US policy that is wrongly interpreted to place anti-abortion restrictions on humanitarian aid in conflict zones – in direct violation of international human rights and humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions.


Girls and women systematically raped during conflict face increased rates of maternal mortality, permanent reproductive damage, and obstetric fistula, in addition to isolation and trauma. Without access to the option of abortion care, victims are forced to risk their health – either by carrying unwanted pregnancies to term, seeking dangerous methods of abortion or, in many tragic cases, taking their own lives.

Take a minute today to urge President Obama to #LiftTheBan on abortion restrictions in conflict zones, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. Thank you in advance for signing on – and we’ll see you on Twitter later.

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