By Mehrin Rahman and Emmy Bengtson

Actually, just go home…

The environment was definitely a hot topic of yesterday’s debate between Fiorina and Senator Boxer.

Fiorina accused Senator Boxer of being “beholden” to “extreme environmental groups”. Of course when asked to give examples of the groups she accused Senator Boxer of supporting, Fiorina stuttered, made excuses, and tried to do what she does best: change the subject when it really matters.

Really, Carly? Well-respected groups like the Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters, and Ocean Champions are the epitome of environmental extremism?

“It is shocking to me to see someone try to get to the United States Senate who would turn their back on the environment,” exclaimed Senator Boxer. And rightly so. While Boxer has won the support of prominent environmental groups, Fiorina was included in the League of Conservation Voters’ “Dirty Dozen”–a list of the most dangerous candidates to our environment. California has long prided itself on environmental awareness and conservation; do we really want one of the twelve worst candidates in the country working for us?

Fiorina also wants to hand over the California coast to big oil and expand off-shore drilling. Carly, need we remind you about BP and the Gulf Oil disaster?

And what about the 400,000+ jobs that would be put on the chopping block if our coast is destroyed? For someone who claims to be so job-focused (remember, other “trivial” issues like a woman’s right to choose aren’t even on her radar) this is a disconcerting position to take.

What’s more is that Fiorina favors Prop 23, which, if passed, would be a disaster for the California environment. Prop 23 puts an end to limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Talk about extremism!

To top it all off, Fiorina says she doubts whether climate change is real.

The Sierra Club Chairman himself says: “While Senator Boxer is a proven leader in creating new clean energy jobs and protecting our environment, Carly Fiorina would take us backward. Fiorina’s skepticism about global warming and her support for new offshore oil drilling off our coast show just how out of touch she is with California voters.” Out of touch with the earth, and out of touch with California.

Vote for the environment. Vote Boxer.

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