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Wisconsin Rep Planning “Personhood” Bill to Criminalize Abortion

By Sofia Resnick, The American Independent The “personhood movement” has recently grown legs in Wisconsin, where state Rep. Andre Jacque (2nd Assembly District) has promised to introduce a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would change the definition of a person to include “preborn” babies. The intended effect of “personhood” amendments is to criminalize […]

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Let(ting) Her Die is NOT an Option

“I was pregnant, I was miscarrying, I was bleeding. If I had to go from one hospital to the next trying to find one emergency room that would take me in, who knows if I would even be here today. What my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are trying to do is […]

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Women Have Lives On The Line With Health Care Reform

by Jessica Mason Pieklo Like thousands of other families the recession has hit ours hard, but it could be worse. My family currently has health insurance, and both my husband and I still have jobs. We live paycheck to paycheck but still I feel lucky. It’s a tenuous luck, a luck that is one medical […]

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The Affordable Care Act and Women

By Desiree Hoffman YWCA USA Director of Advocacy and Policy March 23, 2011, marked the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet polls show that less than 47% of Americans know how it affects them.1 Lack of understanding was highest among low-income households and the uninsured. When asked, “Do you feel you have […]

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#HERvotes Blog Carnival Takes on Health Care

Welcome to the third #HERVotes Blog Carnival! This time, the focus is on women and health care. The blog posts below share personal stories and details about the new benefits from the health care reform law, while also offering original insights on what’s at stake for women and health care. You’ll also find personal stories […]

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Got Equality?

By Emmy Bengtson and Mehrin Rahman LGBT rights have certainly been a hot topic this year, and the 2010 Senate race in California is no exception. However, whereas Senator Boxer has consistently proven she is a proud supporter of gay rights, Fiorina seems to want to waste no more time on a civil rights discussion […]

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Go Green or Go Home Carly!

By Mehrin Rahman and Emmy Bengtson Actually, just go home… The environment was definitely a hot topic of yesterday’s debate between Fiorina and Senator Boxer. Fiorina accused Senator Boxer of being “beholden” to “extreme environmental groups”. Of course when asked to give examples of the groups she accused Senator Boxer of supporting, Fiorina stuttered, made […]


And the winner is… Barbara Boxer!

By Emmy Bengtson and Mehrin Rahman Boxer wins!! Certainly in this debate and hopefully come November 2. In their second meeting to discuss prominent issues of the upcoming election, Boxer and Fiorina answered questions on health care, abortion, immigration, the environment, and the economy. Debate moderators Patt Morrison of the L.A. Times and KPCC and […]

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Keep Abortion Legal: Keep Barbara Boxer

With only a limited number of days left until the November 2nd elections, coat hangers with KEEP ABORTION LEGAL: KEEP BARBARA BOXER signs are cropping up on campuses—and not a moment too soon. The race between Senator Barbara Boxer (D) and her challenger Carly Fiorina (R) is still a toss-up—we can take nothing for granted. […]