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Congress Should Act Now to Extend Unemployment Insurance

by Beth Scott, American Association of University Women federal unemployment insurance (UI). AAUW urges Congress to extend UI. We are committedto promoting the reduction of poverty, and UI plays a key role in reducing poverty and helping our economy recover. UI provides basic benefits to Americans who have lost their jobs and are retraining or […]

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Sad Reality: New President, Same Fight

by Stephanie Drahan, National Women’s Law Center Obama’s take on the proposed regulation to expand religious restrictions was clear – “We need to restore integrity to our public health programs, not create backdoor efforts to weaken them. I am committed to ensuring that the health and reproductive rights of women are protected.” But now, here […]


Unions and Sexual Harassment

by Carol Rosenblatt, Executive Director, Coalition of Labor Union Women At a time when women’s rights are under attack in so many areas – we need to be sure that sexual harassment is recognized and taken seriously. Candidates who seek our vote must be clear that they will support, enforce and strengthen protections for women […]

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Losing Your Rights Via Personhood

By Janet Hill, Coalition of Labor Union Women, National CLUW Vice President (United Steelworkers) Don’t be fooled by Initiative 26, Mississippi’s the “personhood amendment.” Government has gone too far and this amendment raises many disturbing questions about the status of women if enacted. The essential question to ask is, if a woman is lying unconscious […]