Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan to Combat Sexual Assault, Calls it an “Epidemic”

In her recent trip to Iowa, Hillary Clinton called sexual assault an “epidemic” on college campuses, and revealed her three-part plan to eradicate campus sexual assault and sexual violence.

“The Battle Within” Photo Essay Depicts Victims of the Military Sexual Assault Epidemic

Mary Calvert, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo journalist, has compiled a photo essay entitled “The Battle Within: Sexual Violence in America’s Military” in order to put a face (and then another, and then another) on the military sexual assault epidemic. The images chronicle the experiences of survivors and their loved ones following their assaults, as well as the process… [Continue Reading]

Let’s Thank These Senators!

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) just held a breakthrough hearing on combating violence against women with IVAWA and CEDAW, and
seven women senators testified. We must thank the Senators for demanding action.

Women Demand Ratification of CEDAW

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 24, 2014 J.T. Johnson ∙ (703) 522-2214 jjohnson@feminist.org Facebook.com/FeministMajority @femmajority Women Demand Ratification of CEDAW WASHINGTON – Today, the Feminist Majority joins with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and women of the Senate in decrying violence against women and girls across the globe, and calls on the Senate to take action to… [Continue Reading]

One Billion Rising: Today, I Rise to #LiftTheBan

I am rising to urge everyone to join me in taking action to reduce the suffering immediately by demanding that President Obama stand up for these girls and women and provide them with access to comprehensive medical care, including the option of abortion, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

#LiftTheBan: Take Action and Tweet With Us!

We’re rising today to ask that President Obama to support the women and girls raped in war who are unable to access necessary, comprehensive medical care – and we’re continuing the conversation with a Twitter storm at 1PM EST.

Help Us Take on Sexual Assault in the Military!

MJIA, which has bi-partisan support, will take the decision of whether to prosecute sexual assault cases out of the chain of command and give it to independent, objective, trained military prosecutors. And it’s coming up for a vote.