National Organization for Women (NOW), Feminist Majority, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, Gloria Allred and California NOW Call on MGM and Mark Burnett to Release Apprentice Footage

LOS ANGELES— Days after the lewd 2005 recording surfaced of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump boasting about using his power to sexually assault women, NOW, Feminist Majority, the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus and California NOW will be hosting a press conference to call for MGM and Mark Burnett to release footage from the Apprentice television show.

Releasing the tapes is a civic duty.  Trump has made a campaign issue of his attitudes about women, African Americans, Latina/os, and other marginalized groups by his own statements and policy proposals. Voters have a compelling need to view and hear what this man says about those issues behind the scenes.

The compelling public interest overrides the confidentiality clauses MGM and Burnett are hiding behind. Those rules are not intended to shield a presidential candidate from scrutiny that he has invited by making his racism, xenophobia and misogyny a campaign issue.

Before the press conference, the groups will march into MGM’s headquarters and deliver an open letter. The groups believe that voters have a right to hear and see footage from Trump’s time on the Apprentice.

WHAT:           Press conference calling on MGM and Mark Burnett to release Apprentice footage

WHEN:          Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM PDT

WHERE:        MGM Headquarters – 245 N Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210


  • Gloria Allred, Esq.
  • Dolores Huerta, Board Member, Feminist Majority
  • Jerilyn Stapleton, President, California NOW
  • Carolyn Fowler, Southern Chair, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus


RSVP:            Carmen Rios, [email protected], 862-432-0496

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