We just learned that Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to hold another special session. His plan? To pass SB5, a TRAP law that would have closed the majority of the state’s abortion clinics. Senator Wendy Davis held a 12-hour-long fillibuster last night to defeat the anti-choice legislation.

We’re pissed off. Help us tell Governor Perry that the fight has just begun.

Governor Perry is planning to start the special session July 1 – which gives us four days to tell him how we feel.

Here’s how:

Tweet at him using #PissedAtPerry.


Email him.

+ Post on his Facebook page. And share this image on yours!


Flood his office with calls.

We won in Texas Tuesday night, thanks to Senator Davis and all of her strong supporters. But Governor Perry is determined to make that victory short-lived. Let’s show him who he’s dealing with.

8 comments on “We’re #PissedAtPerry

  1. Governor Perry,

    In case you were unaware, a filibuster is a legitimate part of the democratic process–unlike your Senate’s illegal attempt to vote on SB5 after midnight, and the subsequent attempt to cover up your cheating. You lost, fair and square. I stand with Wendy, and I’m pissed at your ongoing attempts to take away women’s constitutional (and more importantly, their human) rights.

  2. Governor Perry,
    The world is watching Texas and you are setting a very bad example of the Lone Star State! As a Daughter of a proud Texan I can tell you I am wholeheartedly disgusted by the way you have handled yourself in this matter. You do your office a disservice by the way you are obviously ignoring the people who put you there. You have no idea what a gut wrenching decision it is for woman to have to make as to weather or not to terminate a pregnancy. NO ONE takes it lightly. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to take control of another persons body. Shame on you, sir, shame on you.

  3. Dear Mr. Perry:

    I am so baffled as to why the GOP puts controlling a woman’s sexuality, her access to contraception, and medical decisions concerning her own damn body, over that of job creation and the economy. What is your fascination with my lady parts? Do you want my bloody tampons every month to check for fertilized eggs? Are you unaware that 60-80% of embryos never imbed in a uterine wall and are flushed from sexually active women during menses (John Opitz, Presidents Council on Bioethics, 2008)? Gynecoloigsts state that half of those embryos, had they imbedded, could have developed into viable fetuses. March of Dimes estimates that half of embryos that do imbed in the uterine wall and result in pregnancy end in spontaneous abortion, that’s a miscarriage, sweetie. Ergo, it seems that your ‘god’ doesn’t particularly care about the ‘unborn’ and aborts millions and millions of ‘potential babies’. It would also appear that abortion is a natural bodily process in a woman’s reproductive system. If you’re okay with your ‘god’ aborting babies, but not a woman having control over her own reproductive system, then you’re just a hypocrite.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, especially religious nutjob politicians, will ever tell me what I can and cannot do with my own damn body.

    Most sincerely,

    Dr. Sharon F. diehl

    1. Brilliant and well founded argument. Appalling that someone with so much power would try to bully women into not having control of their bodies.

  4. I am angry with Gov. Perry and very proud of the actions of Senator Wendy Davis. That is why I sent a contribution to the re-election committee for Wendy Davis.
    GO Wendy !!!!

  5. SB5 is typical of the legislation intended to PUNISH women for having to make the difficult choice of terminating pregnancy. As a former student of Animal Science, I would think Gov. Perry would have a better understanding of the reproductive system. The restrictions levied upon abortion clinics is ridiculous and intended only to put them out of business. This punishes women and primarily poor women. We might as well put women on the Endangered Species list because they will not have equal healthcare that is provided to the males of the species.

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