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Education Denied, Violence Endures: The Troubled Path Ahead for Afghan Girls

Photo from Bulent Kilic AFP/Getty Images On Saturday morning, nearly 90 schoolgirls in Afghanistan’s northern Sari-i-Pul Province were reported falling ill by poisoning. 63 students and staff members at Kabod Aab School, along with 26 more students and staff members at the nearby Faiz Abad Girls’ School, suffered from shortness of breath, nausea, neurological and […]

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Afghan Women Negotiators Warn of “State Collapse” Should the US Leave Too Soon

In a hearing held by the Women, Peace, and Security Caucus, Afghan women negotiators emphasized that the United States’ support is critical to the peace process and democracy and that the U.S. “leaving should not result in state collapse and collapse of institutions.” The Afghan women negotiators cautioned that the Afghan peace process requires patience, […]