Opportunity knocks for Democrats as the party’s front-runner candidate Democrat Jon Ossoff leads the race to fill now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s vacant seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

While Ossoff’s chances at landing the spot in Atlanta’s rural suburbs were originally thought to be a “long shot,” the former congressional staffer is making Republicans nervous after raising a staggering $8.3 million, which is 18 times that of his competitors and the most that has ever been raised for this race.

The momentum behind Ossoff has become so great that The Cook Political Report is projecting the race for the notoriously Republican seat a “toss-up,” due largely to moves by early voters. Since early voting opened on March 27, those voting have been charted as mostly Democrats, placing Ossoff ahead of his rivals.

In addition, the most recent poll by Survey USA shows Ossoff with a major lead of 43 percent support, in comparison to Republican candidates Karen Handel (15 percent) and Bob Gray (14 percent).

Considered a symbol of resistance against President Trump, Ossoff promises in his “Make Trump Furious” campaign to “stand up to Donald Trump,” asking voters to “send a clear message to Donald Trump that racism and intolerance are never OK.” The candidate has also spoken out about protecting reproductive rights, healthcare, and partisanship, stating that he supports “what is in the interest of the community.”

Despite this being the first time the 30-year-old has run for Congress, Ossoff’s outcomes in fundraising and polling show that the progressive movement does not only resist with protests and marches, but is coming together to push for a change at the ballot box as well. Early voters have until April 14 to “flip the seat” until final voting takes place next week on April 18.


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