Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joined Ellie Smeal, Gloria Steinem, Carolyn Maloney, and other feminist leaders in New York to announce a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment. Schumer will bring SJ Res 4, the joint resolution to remove the deadline for ratification of the ERA, to a vote on the Senate floor this Thursday. This will be the first roll call vote on the ERA in the Senate in 40 years. Even if the ERA is not passed, each member of Congress will be put on record as either voting for or against equality, so they can be held accountable in future elections. 

The event also celebrated the launch of the Sign4ERA National Petition Drive, founded by former Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and led by students of Hunter College. The goal of this petition drive is to bring to life the overwhelming support the ERA has in the public opinion polls. Over 75% of Americans believe that the ERA should be enshrined in the Constitution. The Feminist Majority will deliver the petitions to each signer’s Representative and Senators to ensure they are aware of how their constituents stand on the issue. 

You can sign the petition to support the ERA here:

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