Women have much at stake in the 2014 elections, and we need your help. We must stop the Republican War on Women’s Rights. Birth control and abortion access, pay equity legislation, federal judicial appointments — all are at stake.

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Encouragingly, polls are showing a large majority of women voters in support of candidates who stand strong for women’s rights, reproductive rights, and pay equity for women. But several US Senate races are extremely close. A change of only 6 seats would give Republicans control of the Senate. On the House side, many feminist first-time candidates are running and more than a dozen are in striking distance of winning. If Republicans win control of Congress, I shudder to think what they would do. No doubt they will try to paralyze the Obama administration, and block judicial appointments. Some are outrageously even talking about impeachment.

But we can win. We may not be able to outspend our opponents, but we can out-organize and help enlarge the electorate. What counts in elections are votes. We must help new feminist candidates win and we must make sure that incumbent feminists are re-elected. The Feminist Majority must hire organizers who will help get out a massive Women’s Vote to elect feminists. None of this will happen without your support, so please give today to make it all possible.

We know how to organize massive marches. Now we must organize massive marches to the polls on Election Day to defeat the efforts of conservative politicians to suppress the votes of students, women, African Americans, and Latinas.

Please make a critically needed contribution to the Feminist Majority’s Big Vote Project. Help us build a massive women’s vote in 2014.

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