I’m inviting you to join the Feminist Majority and our feminist allies as we rally for women’s rights on Saturday, September 13. We’re calling for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)!


I’ll be the keynote speaker at the event, and I’ll be joined by National Organization for Women Membership Vice President Chitra Panjabi, and Co-Chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations’ ERA Task Force Roberta Francis – just to name a few. A full list of speakers can be found here.

Whether or not you can make it to the event, be sure to show your support during the rally with the hashtag #Rally4Equality2014 on Twitter!

WHO: We Are Woman, ERA Action, Progressive Democrats of America, Feminist Majority, and other allies
WHAT: We Are Woman Constitution Day Rally
WHERE: US Capitol, West Lawn
WHEN: Saturday, September 13
TIME: 9:30 AM

Hope to see you there!

3 comments on “Come Rally in DC for Women’s Rights!

  1. Was there in D.C. in the 70’s when Carter was president. We must prevail. And I proudly stand on the shoulders of so many who did so much for so long. We will prevail.

  2. I wished I had known of this sooner. I had marched back in the 70s for ERA in Springfield, Illinois. What a shame it didn’t pass then. Hopefully, it will this time.

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