These 10 Quotes Explain Why Feminists Won’t Miss Rick Perry

“I’m just going to tell you from my own personal life – abstinence works.”

Dirty Tricks in the War on Women: From Texas to North Carolina

Ohio, Texas, and North Carolina’s lawmakers have created a new tactic in the War on Women: in an attempt to skirt around public and legislative opposition, they’ve started to introduce controversial legislation without enough time for adequate response

NC House Passes Anti-Abortion Education Bill

Last week the North Carolina state House of Representatives passed a health education bill requiring middle school students to be taught in sex-ed classes that abortion is a cause of pre-term births in future pregnancies.

Texas Second Special Session Begins

Texas Lawmakers return for a second special session today to discuss an anti-abortion bill after last week’s fight to save the majority of clinics in the state.

DNC2012: Women’s Rights Take Center Stage at the DNC

Women’s rights took center stage at the main event on the DNC stage this year. Democrats did not shy away from emphasizing the stark contrast between the future women would face under Mitt Romney and the Republican party and the future we would face under Barack Obama and the Democratic party. We’ll add more in… [Continue Reading]

DNC2012: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Women’s Caucus

Everyone tunes in for the big speeches at the end of the day during the Democratic National Convention, but not everyone realizes that the delegates’ days are also full of caucus meeting with leaders who talk to packed rooms with a focus on specific issues. This week the days were filled with African American, Veterans,… [Continue Reading]