Feminists Won Big on Election Day

This week, in Virginia and across the country, we witnessed just how strong the feminist political movement is. Election Day was nothing short of a victory for the values and goals that we hold dear. The voters have rejected Trumpism and voted for healthcare, gun reform, and equality. We saw feminist women, many running for… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority and National Organization for Women Endorse Northam, Fairfax, and Herring in Virginia

For Immediate Release Contact: Erin Gistaro // 703.522.2214 // erin@feministmajority.org The Feminist Majority and the National Organization for Women (NOW) are proud to endorse Ralph Northam for Governor of Virginia, Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, and Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia. Women win with these three feminist candidates who each have… [Continue Reading]

Congratulate Virginia’s New Democratic Attorney General with Feminist Majority!

It’s been a hard-fought battle for Herring.

Feminist Fix: Women Elected Terry McAuliffe Governor of Virginia

Terry McAuliffe was elected Governor of Virginia last night in an extremely close race against Republican Ken Cuccinelli. Here’s what it means.

Virginia Feminists, We Need Your Votes!

If you are a Virginia voter, you must vote on November 5th. If you know a Virginia voter, you must urge them to vote.

E.W. Jackson Maintains Controversial Stances on Abortion, LGBTQ Rights

I have a little advice for you, Mr. Jackson.