Let’s Talk About It: Join Us for a Call to Discuss Advancing Women and Families in 2014

On January 29th, Feminist Majority, our allies, and champions in Congress invite you to join an unprecedented national conversation about these issues and the changes that will advance income equality and economic security for women and families in America.

It’s Time to (Finally) Pass ENDA

As the newly popular saying goes, “in today’s economy” it’s hard to both find and keep a job – so imagine how much harder that endeavor becomes when threats of discrimination plague you from employer to employer.

SNAP Chat: Farm Bill Prompts Food Stamps Discussion

House debate over the Farm Bill aside, the SNAP Challenge provided an opportunity for a much-needed discussion on the reality of poverty and nutrition in this country.

Urgent: Tell Congress to Extend Tax Cuts to the Middle Class Now!

If Congress does not act by the end of this year, all Americans will see their taxes automatically increase. The Senate has already voted to extend tax cuts to the 98% of Americans making less than $250,000 a year. Despite the election results, Republicans are holding middle class and lower income earners hostage to tax… [Continue Reading]

DNC2012: Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Speech Revs Worker’s Engines

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s speech on Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention was by far one of the most popular speeches of the evening from within the arena. The crowd roared their approval as she delivered an enthusiastic defense of Barack Obama’s action to save the auto industry, and a scathing indictment of… [Continue Reading]