Statement by Eleanor Smeal, president, Feminist Majority and

Katherine Spillar, executive director Feminist Majority

“Today’s Supreme Court tragic and cruel decision to overturn Roe v Wade is catastrophic and endangers the lives and futures of millions of women and girls, especially poor women and women of color. This is the first time in the history of the Supreme Court and this country that a fundamental constitutional right has been taken away. The Court is out of touch with the more than two-thirds of American people who support comprehensive reproductive health and rights.

“With the Supreme Court’s decision, the war against women will intensify. Over the last four decades, every time the anti-abortion forces have won a battle, the extremists in their ranks have been emboldened, and violence against abortion providers has increased. We are once again in a state of emergency. Even in the run-up to the decision, reproductive health providers have experienced a dramatic increase in violence and threats of violence at their facilities, including bomb threats, death threats, invasions and stalking. We will work with the Biden administration, allied organizations and clinics to counter and reduce anti-abortion extremist violence.

“We agree with President Biden, this is not over. The right of women and people to make their own decisions including about abortion, contraception, and the right of privacy including same-sex marriage, will be on the ballot this November. We call upon Congress to pass immediately the Women’s Health Protection Act to restore protections for abortion nationwide.”