JANUARY 28, 2016 – The Feminist Majority, which endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton earlier this week, announces today the launching of its She Wins, We Win Campaign. The Campaign will have a vigorous online presence (SheWinsWeWin.org) with a rapid response component. People can follow the campaign with its new Twitter handle @SheWinsWeWin. The campaign will also organize volunteers and mobilize feminists on the ground.

The campaign is committed to making sure knowledge about Hillary’s stellar record of achievement over the decades on women’s rights—both domestically and globally—as well as civil rights, human rights, children’s rights, and economic justice, grows exponentially.

Most importantly, the She Wins, We Win Campaign will address Hillary’s vision for the future. Hillary’s campaign is the first presidential campaign in history to prioritize feminist issues and to present an understanding that we cannot close the income gap and build a more robust economy without dealing with injustice based on sex, race, gender identity, ethnicity, and homophobia.

“The She Wins, We Win Campaign will offer a unique feminist perspective on Hillary’s historic campaign from an inter-generational team of activists that has been on the front lines fighting for multiple feminist issues nationwide and worldwide,” explained Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority.

“She Wins, We Win will not only be a source of information on Hillary’s record and her vision for the future, but it will build upon the enthusiasm of voters who want a strong feminist woman in the White House,” said Feminist Majority Policy Director Gaylynn Burroughs. “It is exciting that we have such a qualified candidate who is a champion for women.”

“Hillary Clinton always makes women and girls a part of the equation,” said University of Iowa student and She Wins, We Win volunteer, Cassidy Shubatt. “Women’s issues are economic issues, family issues, and foreign affairs issues – not a separate category in and of themselves. Hillary shows her commitment to all of us whenever she speaks, and she’ll prove it when she’s the first female president of the United States of America.”

SheWinsWeWin.org details Hillary’s extraordinary record of achievement and her vision for the future on a number of issues, including reproductive rights, access to health care, criminal justice reform, immigration, civil rights, LGBT equality, education, climate change, and more. The website shows Hillary’s broad-based commitment to a diverse range of feminist issues and communities.