Take Action

Every day there are new political threats to our rights as women. We can’t fight them alone. Here are some issues that need your immediate attention. Join us by taking action to further equality for women!

We Won’t Go Back!

The House of Representatives plans to vote on a 20-week abortion ban this Thursday, January 22 – the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This extremist bill, one that would ban abortion pre-viability, is a direct attack on Roe. We have to make sure members of Congress know that the majority of Americans support safe, legal abortion.

Rescind Dangerous TRAP Regulations in Louisiana!

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals just issued new proposed restrictions on abortion providers. All these restrictions would do is impose rules that would cause safe and necessary clinics to close. We can’t let that happen.

Save Women’s Lives: Protect Reproductive Rights in Tennessee!

Tell Tennessee representatives that you’re holding them accountable to women and want them to work to protect the reproductive rights of all Tennesseans by signing the petition.

Urgent: Take Action TODAY for Equal Pay!

Enough is enough. We cannot – and should not – have to wait any longer for equal pay. Take action now and email your Senator about the Paycheck Fairness Act in advance of this important vote. Together, we can take this important step toward closing the wage gap.

#StopTheSultan of Brunei’s Taliban-Like Laws

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is imposing a Taliban-like Brunei penal code that includes the stoning to death of gay men and lesbians and the public flogging of women who have abortions. This code is set to go into effect in three stages – and the first began May 1.

#LiftTheBan on Abortion Restrictions in Conflict Zones

Millions of people around the world are coming together as part of One Billion Rising to advocate for justice. We rise with them – and we rise today to support victims of war rape who are unable to access comprehensive medical care including abortion, in violation of the Geneva conventions.

Pass Paid Family Medical Leave

The FAMILY Act will permit employees to earn up to 12 weeks of paid family leave each year through the creation of a national insurance fund. Both employers and employees would contribute to the fund, which would be administered through a new Office of Paid Family and Medical Leave within the Social Security Administration