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Terry McAuliffe (D) strongly supports equal pay for women and opposes wage discrimination against women:

  • He is proposing higher penalties for wage discrimination. Under his new proposal, women would receive triple the amount of wages lost due to discrimination  instead of double the amount.
  • McAuliffe said that this change would “send the strong message to women that as Virginians, we want their talents in the workforce, and to businesses, that we attracted and retained the best and brightest workforce with fair laws and strong pro-business policies,” he said on June 6.


Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) has not stated a position on equal pay for women:

 Lt. Governor’s Race:

Dr. Ralph Northam M.D. (D) supports equal pay for women:

  • “We need to start treating women fairly in Virginia, stopping the assault on their reproductive healthcare, make sure they have equal pay for equal work,” Northam said on June 12.

  • “I committed to supporting legislation promoting equal pay for equal work, because no Virginian should be discriminated against in the workplace. My daughter just graduated from college and got her first job; it would be unfair for her to make less than her male counterparts doing the same work. Equal pay is about opportunity and making sure that women have the same opportunities as men in our Commonwealth. I will remain committed to closing the wage gap,” he added in August.


Bishop E.W. Jackson (R) is against equal pay legislation:

  • “Equal pay measures add nothing to the dignity and equality of women.   In fact it may make some businesses leery of hiring women for fear of the litigation that may eventually result,” he said in May 2012 during a run for the U.S. Senate.

  • He claimed that the pay-equality bill would create a “women versus business”  situation and that it was  “subtle sexism that refuses to acknowledge women as strong individuals, capable of negotiating and making the choices that best further their dreams,” he said in May 2012.

  • He also said, “I would not support the Paycheck Fairness Act under any circumstances. It is bad legislation based on a false premise specifically designed to further a divisive political agenda. Tim Kaine should be ashamed to be associated with a piece of legislation that will ultimately hurt women, hurt small business and only benefit politicians and trial lawyers,” he said in May 2012.

Attorney General Race:

Mark Herring (D) is a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work:

  • He supports expanded protections for victims of pay discrimination.
  • In 2013, he co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit employers from punishing employees for things like sharing information about their pay.


State Senator Mark Obenshain (R) opposes equal pay legislation:

  • Obenshain spoke out against a state program to encourage awarding contracts to women and minorities.
  • He voted against a bill to have Virginia consider women- and minority-owned businesses for state contracts.


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