DNC2012: Michelle Obama Addresses Women’s Issues

Michelle Obama spoke on key women’s issues including health care reform, financial aid, same-sex marriage, equal pay,and abortion in her address at the Democratic National Convention last night. While speaking from her childhood experiences, Michelle Obama voiced her full support for the Affordable Care Act and continued heath care reform, as well as funding for… [Continue Reading]

New Videos

I have some new videos from the DNC Women’s Caucus up on our YouTube channel, feministpolitics. Check them out here: and here:

Invesco Stadium!

What a convention! This was my first, and I am unbelievably excited and happy to have been able to come. We started the day at the second Women’s Caucus of the convention. We heard from Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and Michelle Obama, along with many other fabulous women legislators and leaders. Tonight at… [Continue Reading]

Video Update from the Big Tent

Quick video update from the Big Tent. We’re wrapping up here and heading over to a watch party. More updates soon!

From the Big Tent!

We started out today at the “Campaign Conversations” event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She addressed party unity, the priorities of Congress in the next month and after the election, and emphasized the role of science for growth in America. After the Pelosi event, we went straight to the DNC Women’s Caucus, which was sponsored… [Continue Reading]

Outside the Pepsi Center

Check out this video of me and Melody from NOW outside the Pepsi Center right after Michelle Obama’s speech last night. We’re on the way out the door to the Campaign Conversations event, and then on to the Women’s Caucus, and the Big Tent!