Feminist Majority Launches Grassroots Movement to Save Roe

The Feminist Majority is launching a grassroots movement to save Roe v. Wade. The Millions4Roe.org campaign will activate feminists across the country to protect abortion rights on the federal, state and local levels. “An active right-wing movement is working to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states under the… [Continue Reading]

TAKE ACTION: Stop the War on Planned Parenthood!

The outrageous attacks on Planned Parenthood must stop.

We Applaud the Introduction of the EACH Woman Act to End Restrictions on Health Insurance Coverage of Abortion

“For too long, low-income women have been denied abortion coverage just because they can’t afford it and live in a state without coverage,” said Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal.

Women Just Won Big In Mississippi

Feminist Majority Foundation leaders are elated by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding a preliminary injunction against a Mississippi TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider) law that would have closed the only abortion clinic in the state.

One Billion Rising: Today, I Rise to #LiftTheBan

I am rising to urge everyone to join me in taking action to reduce the suffering immediately by demanding that President Obama stand up for these girls and women and provide them with access to comprehensive medical care, including the option of abortion, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

#LiftTheBan: Take Action and Tweet With Us!

We’re rising today to ask that President Obama to support the women and girls raped in war who are unable to access necessary, comprehensive medical care – and we’re continuing the conversation with a Twitter storm at 1PM EST.

Feminist Majority Denounces the Passage of HR 7 in the House

“HR 7 is a blatant attack on women’s reproductive rights and an attempt to take away a woman’s ability to make personal health care decisions, including decisions about abortion. This bill flatly puts women’s health at risk by dramatically restricting access to abortion coverage.”

Defend Choice on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary!

41 years ago today, the pro-choice movement’s historic Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion was made. It was a momentous victory, but more than four decades later, we’re still fighting every day to protect it.

Feminist Fix: Hundreds of Ohio Women Rally at the Statehouse for Reproductive Choice

On Tuesday, hundreds of pro-choice activists from across the state of Ohio traveled to the Statehouse in Columbus to protest anti-choice legislation that threatens their state clinics and sets precedents for further restrictions on birth control, abortion, and reproductive rights for Ohio women.

Senator Wendy Davis’ CNN Op-Ed: “Can you hear us now? And, more important, are you listening?”

Davis isn’t done fighting for women’s reproductive health and access. And she’s not giving up on Texas, either.