Feminist Majority Foundation Applauds FBI Advisory Board’s Decision to Change Definition of Rape (FMF)

Late yesterday afternoon, the FBI Criminal Justice Advisory Board voted unanimously to update the archaic definition of rape in the FBI Uniform Crime Report. “It’s a great victory,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority Foundation. “This new definition will mean that, at long last, we will begin to see the full scope of this… [Continue Reading]

Statement of Eleanor Smeal on Blocking FDA Approval of Plan B One-Step

The Feminist Majority urges President Obama to reverse the HHS decision to block FDA approval of Plan B over the counter without an age restriction. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius took unprecedented action today to overrule the FDA’s recommendation to approve Plan B One Step. This decision must not be the final word… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority PAC Endorses Elizabeth Warren in Race for Massachusetts Senate Seat (FM PAC)

The Feminist Majority PAC announced today its support for Elizabeth Warren in her bid to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate. In recent polls, Warren is now ahead in both the primary election against seven Democrats, and against Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown. In her campaign announcement video, Warren said, “The middle class has… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority PAC Endorses Representative Tammy Baldwin in Race for Vacant Wisconsin Senate Seat (FM PAC)

The Feminist Majority is proud to announce its endorsement of Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) for the open United States Senate seat vacated by retiring Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl. Congresswoman Baldwin has proven to be an incredible asset for women and the fight for equal rights in the U.S. House of Representatives, as she will… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority Urges President and Congressional Leaders to Raise Revenue, not Balance Budget on Backs of Women, Children, the Elderly and Disabled

President Obama and Congressional leaders are entering a critical phase in the negotiations to raise the debt ceiling and prevent default on the Nation’s legal obligations. Feminist leaders are speaking out to protect vulnerable groups from suffering while corporate interests fight to stay on the government dole. “The nation must not default on our legal… [Continue Reading]

Supreme Court: Wal-Mart Too Big to Sue

Today’s Supreme Court decision in favor of Wal-Mart will make it much more difficult for women to sue large companies for sex discrimination. In a 5-4 vote, the court said workers must show common elements among millions of employment decisions in order to proceed with a large class-action suit. “First we have the government deciding… [Continue Reading]

Statement by Eleanor Smeal, Publisher of Ms. and President of the Feminist Majority: Jill Abramson Reaches the Pinnacle of the New York Times

The selection of Jill Abramson, an accomplished feminist, as executive editor of The New York Times, which is not only the most influential newspaper in the United States, but also the premier online news platform, smashes a barrier to women’s achievement in print and digital media. This is all the more important because it comes at… [Continue Reading]

Republican House Majority Jeopardizes Women’s Health with Dramatic Cuts to Family Planning, Planned Parenthood

“There’s no question the new Republican leadership has just shown they have no concern for women’s health care and are willing to score political points with their base at expense of women by passing the Pence amendment to de-fund Planned Parenthood,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation. “We are determined to stop… [Continue Reading]