Statement of the Feminist Majority in Support of the Confirmation of Elena Kagan to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

The Feminist Majority strongly encourages the United States Senate to quickly confirm Elena Kagan. Solicitor General Kagan is superbly qualified for this position. She has distinguished herself throughout her academic and professional career and has the keen intellect, the compassion, and the broad experience needed to be an outstanding justice. “Her remarkable legal career shows… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority Cheers Rescission of Bush Title IX Sports Policy, Seeks Repeal of Bush Title IX Single-Sex Policy (FMF)

The Obama administration today will rescind a 2005 Bush-era policy that permitted colleges to use an emailed interest survey as the sole means to comply with the Title IX requirement that women and girls be fairly included in sports opportunities. “Good riddance to another Bush policy to turn back Title IX – this one designed… [Continue Reading]

Bart Stupak Retires; Pro-Choice Forces Move to Win District

With pressure from feminists and pro-choice activists, teabaggers, and Republican, Bart Stupak (D-MI) announced today he will not seek re-election. NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and NOW had endorsed his Democratic opponent, pro-choice Connie Saltonstall, and the Feminist Majority had announced a Dump Stupak/Pitts independent expenditure campaign. Stupak, Co-Chair of the House Pro-Life Caucus, had managed to… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority Foundation Hails Roeder’s Sentencing to “Hard 50,” Calls on Justice Department to Act on Conspiracy Investigation (FMF)

“Scott Roeder will spend the rest of his life in prison, but those who may have aided and abetted his murder of Dr. George Tiller are still walking free,” said Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) President Eleanor Smeal. “There has been an escalation in violence, threats of violence and harassment at clinics in 14 states, and… [Continue Reading]

Feminist Majority Announces Independent Campaign Against Stupak and Pitts

Feminist Majority announced today (see below) to its supporters its national wide independent expenditure campaign to dump both Congressmen Bart Stupak (D-MI) and Joseph Pitts (R-PA), co-supporters of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which banned a woman from purchasing abortion coverage even with her own money. Their callous disregard for women’s lives cannot and will not be… [Continue Reading]

Kim Gandy, Former NOW President, Joins Feminist Majority Leadership

Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and the Feminist Majority, announced today that Kim Gandy has become Vice President and General Counsel of both organizations. Gandy brings to her new positions a wealth of experience in leadership, organizing, public policy advocacy, litigation, media relations, and coalition building at the national, state, and local… [Continue Reading]

Statement of Katherine Spillar, Executive Vice President of Feminist Majority Foundation on Kansas Judge’s decision to allow evidence in support of a “voluntary manslaughter” verdict in the trial of Scott Roeder for murdering Dr. George Tiller (FMF)

Today’s perplexing decision is effectively back-door permission for admitted killer Scott Roeder to use a ‘justifiable homicide’ defense that is both un-justifiable and unconscionable. Allowing an argument that this cold-blooded, premeditated murder could be voluntary manslaughter will embolden anti-abortion extremists and could result in ‘open season’ on doctors across the country.” Kansas Judge Warren Wilbert… [Continue Reading]

Keep Pledges to Afghan Women and Girls: Build Lasting Peace (FMF)

Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation joined Women for Afghan Women in a press conference, on the same day President Obama is announcing the new US policies for Afghanistan and Pakistan, to keep in focus the plight of Afghan women and girls. Statement of Eleanor Smeal: We must not forget the horrific human… [Continue Reading]

House Passes Historic Health Reform – Women’s Rights Suffer Major Defeat in Passage of Stupak Amendment

The House passed the historic Affordable Health Care Act (HR3962) by a narrow margin (220-215) with major gains for women including eliminating gender rating in insurance prices, banning pre-existing conditions, capping out of pocket expenses, expanding Medicaid to include individuals at 150% of the federal poverty level, improving Medicare by closing the donut hole on… [Continue Reading]

Statement of Eleanor Smeal, President, Feminist Majority Foundation On the Arrest of Roman Polanski

The Feminist Majority Foundation joins our sister feminist organizations in working to ensure rape is prosecuted as the heinous crime that it is, especially against girls. The Feminist Majority Foundation is a leader in the fight to end all forms of violence against women and is demanding the expeditious processing of all back-logged rape kits… [Continue Reading]