President Obama a Clear Winner for Women

Statement of Eleanor Smeal about the Second Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney

President Obama fought for women’s rights – both pay equity and reproductive rights – for immigrant rights, and for working people.  The President fought for education opportunity, teachers, a robust economy and his leadership that does not leave women behind. President Obama made it clear that Romney sought to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and women’s rights to make their own medical decisions.  President repeatedly called out Romney when he twisted the facts. Moreover the President stood strongly with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  and his diplomatic team as Governor Romney tried to score political points on the tragic attack on our heroic Ambassador and his courageous staff.

Once again the woman moderator, this time Candy Crowley, just like Martha Raddatz for the vice presidential debate, showed her strength as well as her knowledge of political affairs.  Crowley was the first women to moderator a presidential debate in some 20 years. This time lapse must not happen again.  But the audience appeared to be disproportionally white men.