Feminist Majority Applauds Pelosi’s Decision to Run for House Democratic Leader

Statement of Eleanor Smeal, President

In four short years, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made history as not only the first woman and self-identified feminist Speaker of the House, but as one of the most effective Speakers in history. She has led the House to pass both a record amount of legislation as well as landmark legislation that will benefit every woman, man, and child in the United States. Her accomplishments and leadership for women and all people have simply been amazing.

At this critical time, we need her strong, courageous and visionary leadership in Congress to continue. The Feminist Majority is proud to support her leadership and decision to run for House Democratic leader.

Pelosi’s accomplishments speak for themselves. She has navigated hundreds of important pieces of legislation through the House, including:

  • Passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • Passed massive Financial Reform
  • Passed historic Health Insurance Reform extending coverage to millions of Americans and eliminating bias against women, pre-existing conditions, etc.
  • Expanded student aid and provision of direct loans to students – largest college aid expansion in 60 years
  • Expanded children’s health care legislation (SCHIP), providing health care to 11 million children
  • Expanded hate crimes legislation to cover women, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, national origin, and gender identity
  • Increased minimum wage for the first time in ten years
  • Passed the Credit Card Bill of Rights