Feminist Majority Endorsements

Val Demings

Val Demings, a “no-nonsense leader,” is running for US Congress in Florida’s 10th district (Orlando west suburbs, Winter Garden, Leesburg), which was previously named the 8th district. If elected, Demings promises to focus on job creation, clean energy, and the protection of women’s rights, including reproductive rights, expanding paid family and medical leave, and pay equity.


Demings has a B.S. in criminology from Florida State University and a M.A. in Public Administration from Webster University. Early in her career, Demings worked as a Social Worker. Later, Demings served 27 years as a police officer in Orlando, including three years as Police Chief. Throughout her successful career, she: Was the first woman to serve as Police Chief in Orlando. Created a 40% reduction in violent crime as Police Chief of Orlando. Arrest for domestic violence crimes increased by 15%.

Position on Key Issues

Deming will work to let women make their own decision, expand paid Family and Medical leave, and work toward pay equity.


The race will be competitive, however, Demings, who was Orlando’s first woman to serve as police chief, would appear to be the type of candidate to beat the odds. With the new district lines only 56% of the new district is currently represented by incumbent Republican Congressman Daniel Webster.


Demings is running against incumbent Freshman Republican Congressman Daniel Webster, who had been in state legislature for 20 years. Tea Party backed Webster voted straight party line for tax breaks for the rich and the Ryan Budget.


Other Endorsements