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Louise Slaughter

Louise Slaughter is running for a seat in the U.S. House representing New York’s newly formed 25th District (greater Rochester). Slaughter has served 25 years in the House of Representatives, and is one of the most tireless advocates for women and reproductive rights in the history of the House.


In her 25 years in the House of Representatives, Slaughter has been an irreplaceable advocate for women, and has consistently fought for reproductive rights. Slaughter was essential in creating and passing both the Violence Against Women Act, as well as the Affordable Care Act. She fought for increased funding for women's health, including breast cancer research. She was the first woman in history to chair the powerful House Rules Committee. In addition, Slaughter is a: Founding member and chair of the Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus Ranking Member of the House Committee on Rules Member of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues

Position on Key Issues

Slaughter is a strong advocate for equal pay, equal access to healthcare, and equal protections under the law. She is a long time champion of women's rights. Slaughter believes same sex partners have a right to marry and was an original co-sponsor of both the Lily Ledbetter Act and Paycheck Fairness Act. She supported the Affordable Care & Patient Protection Act and as Chairwoman of the Rules Committee, had a key role in the bill’s passage.


The newly re-drawn 25th district leaves Slaughter with only 40% of the constituents of the 28th district, which she currently represents. The new 25th district is more conservative, but still Democratic. Slaughter, will have strong support as one of the foremost women leaders in Congress who has championed women's issues.


In the general election, Slaughter will face Republican candidate Monroe Country Executive, strongly anti-reproductive rights Maggie Brooks, who holds a strong political base in the new 25th District.


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