Feminist Majority Endorsements

Kathy Boockvar

Kathy Boockvar is running for the US House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 8th District (Buck’s County). With a background as an attorney and community activist, Boockvar is a fierce advocate for women and families of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and American University Law School, Boockvar has been named Pennsylvania's "Rising Superstar Lawyer" three times, and has legal background in mediation, compromise, and advocacy. Boockvar also began as a legal services attorney working for low income, disabled, senior citizens, and victims of domestic violence. She hopes to take this experience to Washington to advocate for women, affordable education, job creation, environmental conservation, and veteran support. Boockvar currently serves on the board of A Woman's Place, a domestic violence prevention organization.

Position on Key Issues

Boockvar is a tireless and vocal advocate for women and supports a woman's right to maker her own reproductive choices. She advocates pay equity, safe and affordable childcare opportunities, and efforts to combat domestic violence.


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted this race as a chance to shift this from a Republican to a Democratic seat.


Boockvar's main opponent in the general election is a one term incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R). Fitzpatrick is a Tea Party Republican who has supported the Ryan budget and cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.


Other Endorsements