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Julia Brownley

Julia Brownley (D) is running for California’s very competitive 26th Congressional district race (Oxnard, Ventura). Brownley, a California State Assemblywoman, emerged victorious from her heated primary battle against Independent Linda Parks. However, the battle is not over yet. Brownley will be running against right-wing Republican State Senator Tony Strickland. An education expert, a staunch environmental advocate, and a champion for women’s health and marriage equality.



An education expert, a staunch environmental advocate, and a champion for women's health and marriage equality. Brownley served three terms on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education and was elected Board President. After serving for more than a decade on Santa Monica-Malibu's School Board, Brownley put her education policy experience to work in the State Assembly, passing numerous reforms improving the state's curriculum, cutting school administration costs and eliminating red tape for qualified teachers. In 2006, she was named YMCA Woman of the Year for her leadership on the School Board and in her community. Brownley is the chair of the California Assembly's Education Committee. Her 2007-08 legislative package includes bills related to education, wage discrimination, hospital staffing, e-waste recycling, clean water, and insuring that state-funded sex education is bias free.

Position on Key Issues

Brownley is a leader in preventing domestic violence, strongly supports a woman’s right to choose, and advocates for access to affordable, high-quality health care. Brownley is a champion for women's health and marriage equality and looks to advance women's rights.


The race is considered a toss-up and has a slight Democratic voter edge, according to the Cook political report. This may give Brownley an advantage to pick up this crucial open seat.


Much of the area is currently represented by Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley), who decided to retire after his home was drawn into a different district. Now, State Senator Tony Strickland (R) will be running against Brownley.


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