Feminist Majority Endorsements

Grace Meng


"I see the work I have done in my career as being a voice for the voiceless." The 36-year-old Chinese-American former public interest lawyer has spent her career in the New York State Assembly fighting for women's rights. She supported legislation that would have required all New York universities to provide emergency contraception to any student who requested it, and supported a bill that would have required health insurance companies to cover prescription birth control. She'll be the first Asian American woman to represent New York in Congress.

Position on Key Issues

Meng opposes the right-wing assault on the health care and senior citizen programs and believes that every citizen should have access to quality, affordable health care. She also opposes the assault on women’s rights in Congress and supports women's access to reproductive health care, fair pay and protection from from sexual violence and domestic abuse. Furthermore, Meng will fight to ensure that all Americans – regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation – are afforded the same protections under the law.


Grace Meng won her June 26, 2012 primary. In this strong Democratic district the primary win is tantamount to victory in November. This is a new district because of redistricting after the 2010 elections. This new district is 38% Asian American. The Queens Democratic Organization supported Meng.


Men faces opposition from Dan Halloran, Green Party member Evergreen Chou, and Libertarian Dan Holloran.


Other Endorsements