Feminist Majority Endorsements

Elizabeth Esty


Esty wants to stop the Republican assault on Planned Parenthood. She supports womens reproductive health and freedoms, and has a long record of advocacy for pro-choice causes. She also supports the Lilly Ledbetter Act for equal pay for equal work. While in the state legislature, Esty worked hard to ensure that women are protected from domestic violence, and she was a children's advocate. She voted in the legislature to ensure full marriage rights and benefits to gay couples. Currently, she is a Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law School concentrating on health care policy, women in legal education, and family law.

Position on Key Issues

Esty is a strong support of women's rights and respect a women's right to choose, supports equal pay for equal work, support of Planned Parenthood, and advocates continued protection for women from domestic violence.


Her state's largest labor coalition, the AFL-CIO, overwhelmingly threw its support Esty in the 5th Congressional District race, further dimming the campaign prospects of opponents. It is predicted a close race between Esty and Republican state Sen. Andrew W. Roraback.


Her opponent is Republican Andrew Roraback.


Other Endorsements