Feminist Majority Endorsements

Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter is running to reclaim her seat in the US Congress representing New Hampshire’s 1st District. Shea-Porter was elected in 2006 as the first woman to serve the state of New Hampshire in the US House of Representatives. Shea-Porter served two terms in the House, but was unseated in 2010 by Tea Party Republican Frank Guinta.


Shea-Porter was inspired to run for Congress after visiting New Orleans post-Katrina and witnessing the federal government's slow response. She also had the strong support of the peace movement. In the House, she advocated for middle class families and the elderly. Lead co-sponsor of a bill to protect US troops from toxic waste disposal in open burn pits Served on the Armed Forces Committee, Committee on Education and Labor, and Natural Resources Committee Voted for the Affordable Health Care for America Act and the American Clean Energy and Security Act Strongly supported peace issues and women's rights.

Position on Key Issues

Shea-Porter is a strong feminist, pro-union, and advocates removal of troops from Iraq.


Although Shea-Porter was defeated by Guinta in 2010, she has strong grassroots support and her relentless advocacy for the middle class, women, families, and veterans has earned her significant voter support.


Shea-Porter's main opponent in the general election is incumbent Republican Congressman Frank Guinta. Guinta's 2010 campaign focused on overturning Roe vs. Wade, and he voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Guinta has only served one term and his approval rating is below 25 percent.


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