Feminist Majority Endorsements

Joyce Healy-Abrams

Joyce Healy-Abrams is running for a seat in the US House of Representatives in Ohio’s newly formed 7th District (Canton, OH). Healy-Abrams is campaigning for job creation, improving Ohio’s economy, decreasing budget deficits, as well as improving access to affordable healthcare, education, services to seniors and veterans.


Healy-Abrams is a successful small businesswoman, and is emphasizing her experience in business and job creation during her campaign. Healy-Abrams and her husband started a small company after graduating from college; this business grew sustainably and serves multiple businesses in Ohio and employs local Ohioans. Though Healy-Abrams has no legislative experience, her family has roots in public service.

Position on Key Issues

Healy-Abrams believes people need to be able to make their own decisions on health care. She will vote to bar insurance companies from denying coverage to families and children with pre-existing conditions, and she’ll ban insurers from kicking you off the coverage. She will also vote to make sure insurance companies can't charge women up to 50% more for the same policy they sell to men.


Though Gibbs has raised more money than Healy-Abrams, a recent poll showed that over half of those polled do not want to see Gibbs re-elected. Due to redistricting, Gibbs was left with only six of ten counties he represented in his first term. Because Ohio will be a key swing state in the 2012 Presidential Election, the race is expected to be close.


Healy-Abrams is running against Tea Party Republican and incumbent Congressman Bob Gibbs.


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