Urgent: Take Action TODAY for Equal Pay!

Big news! We’ve received word that the Senate will vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act as early as tomorrow. Join us in demanding equal pay and urge your Senator today to help pass this piece of legislation that is critical for women’s economic equality.

Don’t Let Them Get Away With It! Help FM Fight for Equal Pay

The Feminist Majority will not rest until the gender wage gap is closed, but we can’t do it without you. We need your support to keep the momentum going and keep our efforts strong.

It’s Not Over: Talk Back to the Senate on Equal Pay!

Contact your senators today and let them know how you feel about their votes of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Thank your senators if they supported the bill – and if they voted along party lines against equal pay for women, tell them that we will not rest until the gender wage gap is closed.

Take Action: Tell Your Senator to Support Equal Pay!

Exciting news! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that the Senate will vote on equal pay legislation – the Paycheck Fairness Act (S. 84) – as soon as next week.

Let’s Talk About It: Join Us for a Call to Discuss Advancing Women and Families in 2014

On January 29th, Feminist Majority, our allies, and champions in Congress invite you to join an unprecedented national conversation about these issues and the changes that will advance income equality and economic security for women and families in America.

Pregnant Workers Deserve Fairness

Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the loss of a paycheck, and pregnant women have the right to enjoy the protection of the law just like everyone else. Some employers don’t seem to get it. Neither do the courts.

SNAP Chat: Farm Bill Prompts Food Stamps Discussion

House debate over the Farm Bill aside, the SNAP Challenge provided an opportunity for a much-needed discussion on the reality of poverty and nutrition in this country.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Feminist Majority supports the American Jobs Act, which would prevent up to 280,000 teacher layoffs, reduce employee taxes, create infrastructure jobs repairing and rebuilding roads, railways, bridges, and schools, revamp the unemployment insurance system, and much more. It would create more jobs and put more money in workers’ pockets without increasing the deficit. See the… [Continue Reading]

Social Security

Social Security is critical to the retirement security of women for three reasons: women earn less during their lifetimes, have less in savings because of that wage inequality, and hold jobs that are less likely to provide them with a pension. As a result, Social Security provides more than 60 percent of total income for… [Continue Reading]

Workers’ Rights

Stop the Assault on Public Sector Workers Feminist Majority supports collective bargaining rights and is a member of several coalitions supporting workers’ rights. Women who are in a union earn, on average, 11.2% more than their non-union counterparts, and often have increased access to childcare, job security, and paid time off. In recent years, state… [Continue Reading]