The TPP is a Bad Deal for Women

“Don’t be fooled. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is no deal for women. It hurts women workers and undermines women’s rights and human rights, while also threatening environmental regulations, availability of affordable medicines, food safety, and more,” said Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

URGENT: Take Action Before Today’s Senate Vote on a Fast Track for TPP

The Senate will vote this afternoon on whether to move forward with proposed “fast track” legislation that would pave the way for the US to enter into a special economic relationship with the anti-women’s rights, anti-human rights Sultan of Brunei – the same dictator who recently enacted an outrageous “kill-a-gay” and “flog-a-woman” penal code.

Fast Track and TPP: A Recipe for Disaster for Women and LGBT Communities

To force the controversial deal through Congress, TPP advocates are pressing Congress to adopt so-called “Fast Track” legislation, which would dramatically curtail the ability of Congress to shape the TPP and other trade agreements to protect the rights of women, LGBT communities, workers, or the environment.

Let’s Thank These Senators!

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) just held a breakthrough hearing on combating violence against women with IVAWA and CEDAW, and
seven women senators testified. We must thank the Senators for demanding action.

Take Action With Us to #StopTheSultan of Brunei’s Taliban-Like Laws

We need your help! Take action now to stop the imposition of these Taliban-like laws.

One Billion Rising: Today, I Rise to #LiftTheBan

I am rising to urge everyone to join me in taking action to reduce the suffering immediately by demanding that President Obama stand up for these girls and women and provide them with access to comprehensive medical care, including the option of abortion, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

On Human Rights Day, Join Us in Fighting for Reproductive Healthcare

Today, on international Human Rights Day, take a stand and tell leaders we won’t accept anything less.

Tell Afghan Leaders: Sign the Bilateral Security Agreement!

Women are a vital part of the economic and social development of Afghanistan and are essential to building and maintaining a peaceful Afghan society. But Afghan women cannot do it alone. Ask President Karzai to sign this agreement without delay.

Let My People In: What Women Have at Stake in the Senate’s Current Immigration Reform Bill

The Senate’s current immigration bill does a lot for women.

Afghan Women

Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls The Feminist Majority’s largest global undertaking to date has been the Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls (formerly the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan). The campaign, chaired by Mavis Leno, is the first of its kind to build a U.S. grassroots constituency around a foreign policy issue… [Continue Reading]