Pregnant Workers Deserve Fairness

Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the loss of a paycheck, and pregnant women have the right to enjoy the protection of the law just like everyone else. Some employers don’t seem to get it. Neither do the courts.

Equal Rights Amendment

Goal: A United States Constitutional Guarantee of Equality for Women The Equal Rights Amendment states: Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the… [Continue Reading]

Title IX

The Law Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments is most known for increasing women’s participation in sports, but its primary gain was to increase all public-funded educational opportunities for girls and women. It prohibits sex discrimination and sexual harassment against girls and boys, women and men, students and employees, at all levels of education… [Continue Reading]

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women The Violence Against Women Act of 2012 The House and Senate passed very different versions of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The Feminist Majority strongly supports the inclusive bill passed by the Senate on a bipartisan vote. Senate VAWA S. 1925 The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act passed… [Continue Reading]