Congratulate Virginia’s New Democratic Attorney General with Feminist Majority!

It’s been a hard-fought battle for Herring.

Act Now to Support Paid Family Leave

No one should have to risk financial insecurity to care for a loved one. Act now to help protect the economic security of women and their families.

On Human Rights Day, Join Us in Fighting for Reproductive Healthcare

Today, on international Human Rights Day, take a stand and tell leaders we won’t accept anything less.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday: Support Feminist Majority!

Donate to Feminist Majority today for Giving Tuesday and help us continue our work for women’s full equality. As always, we thank you for your support – today and every day.

Tell Afghan Leaders: Sign the Bilateral Security Agreement!

Women are a vital part of the economic and social development of Afghanistan and are essential to building and maintaining a peaceful Afghan society. But Afghan women cannot do it alone. Ask President Karzai to sign this agreement without delay.

Help Us Take on Sexual Assault in the Military!

MJIA, which has bi-partisan support, will take the decision of whether to prosecute sexual assault cases out of the chain of command and give it to independent, objective, trained military prosecutors. And it’s coming up for a vote.

Virginia Feminists, We Need Your Votes!

If you are a Virginia voter, you must vote on November 5th. If you know a Virginia voter, you must urge them to vote.

This Just In: Nancy Pelosi to Speak at WMP!

Just when we thought the Women, Money, Power Summit couldn’t get more exciting, we scheduled House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to join us at lunch.

We’re #PissedAtPerry

We won in Texas Tuesday night, thanks to Sen. Davis and all of her strong supporters. But Gov. Perry is determined to make that victory short-lived. Let’s show him who he’s dealing with.

Urgent: Tell Congress to Extend Tax Cuts to the Middle Class Now!

If Congress does not act by the end of this year, all Americans will see their taxes automatically increase. The Senate has already voted to extend tax cuts to the 98% of Americans making less than $250,000 a year. Despite the election results, Republicans are holding middle class and lower income earners hostage to tax… [Continue Reading]