Women’s Groups to Hold Press Conference to Call on MGM and Mark Burnett to Release Apprentice Footage

National Organization for Women (NOW), Feminist Majority, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, Gloria Allred and California NOW Call on MGM and Mark Burnett to Release Apprentice Footage LOS ANGELES— Days after the lewd 2005 recording surfaced of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump boasting about using his power to sexually assault women, NOW, Feminist Majority, the California… [Continue Reading]

#WomenWant2Know: 1st Presidential Debate Edition

Tweet with us at the first presidential debate tonight!

A woman’s place is in the Constitution

  Today marks Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, when the 19th Amendment was added to the US Constitution in 1920. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 96 years – but as it stands, the U.S. Constitution still has no explicit ban on sex discrimination. It’s… [Continue Reading]

236 Days Into 2016, We Mark Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Because Black women earn 60 percent of what white men make, it would take the average Black woman 601 days of work to earn the same amount that a white man made in one year alone. That makes today’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day — the day that Black women finally catch up to white men’s pay for the past year—236… [Continue Reading]

And Steve (Bannon) Makes Seven: Trump’s Extremist Campaign Just Got Worse

If CNN, the same network that called Trump’s egregious Second Amendment remarks “ambiguous” instead of acknowledging their inherent stochastic terrorism, refers to your new campaign CEO as a “master of the dark arts” – a common foe of Harry Potter – you might want to reconsider your life choices. We all know Trump is a… [Continue Reading]

Donald Trump Can’t Stop Losing Women Voters to Clinton. Sad!

To borrow from his own limited lexicon, it’s been a tremendously bad week for The Donald. In the wake of this mess, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday, August 7, confirms Clinton’s lead among one group Trump has degraded his entire life: women.

Women have a constitutional right to an abortion. Get over it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Donald Trump said today that he wants a total ban on abortion and “there has to be some form of punishment” for women who have abortions.