2012 General Election

Our Endorsed Candidates

How did the candidates supported by the Feminist Majority fare in the 2012 election? View the results.

Gender Gap

How did the gender gap impact the 2012 election? How did it affect the the Presidential race, Congressional races, and state ballot measures? Read our analysis.

Women Elected to Congress

The last few elections have brought historic numbers of women to the House and Senate. This election looks to be no different! See the women elected to Congress here.

Balance of Power: Democrats & Republicans in Congress

Will the Democrats hold on to their majority in the Senate? How will the balance of power shift in the House? See the balance of power.

State Ballot Measures

Follow state ballot measures that affect Reproductive Rights, Affirmative Action, Gay and Lesbian rights, Animal rights, Stem Cell Research, Health Care, Worker’s Rights and more. See State Ballot Measures

American Election Hands photo from Shutterstock